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Our story

Fox&Bear is a rebrand of Cobb Digital and Spoken, bringing together expertise in digital marketing, public relations, strategy, design, branding and data insight. We create fully realised brands and develop and execute integrated marketing strategies.

Having worked together for a number of years, we saw a need to provide clients with a full suite of digital marketing and branding services, packaged together under one roof, managed by one main point of contact, for one fee. Working with us means you have confidence that one agency is fully accountable for all aspects of delivery and, perhaps most importantly, that your team of experts are actively working together on your goals and marching to the same beat.

So, why Fox&Bear?

One thing that has been consistent in the success of human beings is the ability to tell stories. It’s an innate need to hear and share stories, whether it’s a Greek masterpiece or a soap opera – we like to be told tales.

This storytelling starts in childhood and, so, when looking for inspiration for a name for the rebrand, Managing Director James Dempster looked no further than his two sons. Their middle names are Fox and Bear, animals renowned for intelligence and strength. It was his intention that Archie’s Bear would protect Charlie’s Fox and vice versa.

It’s the same with Fox&Bear. We care about your story and we know that brands don’t have a never-ending supply of marketing budget, so we have to be clever with your spend. We also want to make sure your story is heard.

Why partner with us?

We're experts in what we do

We love stories, but we also love data. You'll have access to a team of specialists across our end-to-end services, with a unique set of skills, experience and knowledge, powered by data.

We build partnerships

We pride ourselves on working as an extension of your marketing team. With our flexible, transparent, and collaborative approach, we can respond adeptly to changing circumstances, working in partnership with you and your business goals.

One agency for all your needs

Our full suite of services means you can trust us to tell your story and own what we do, actively working together across disciplines to achieve your goals - from building your brand, to creating meaningful and effective marketing campaigns.

Our Expertise

  • Branding and design
  • Creative marketing
  • Website optimisation
  • Paid media
  • Public relations

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