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PPC conversion rate increased by 36%

The challenge

The Telemarketing Company is the UK’s leading specialist outbound B2B telemarketing agency. At the heart of everything they do is a human approach to building relationships and understanding a business’ needs.

The agency had worked with a PPC agency for around ten years but, following a change in account management, they felt a fresh strategy and more proactive approach was required to address a rapidly declining conversion rate. They wanted a fresh perspective that would generate more leads and make their marketing budget work harder.

From our initial analysis, it was clear that there were two main objectives:

1. Maximise the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns and increase the ROI
2. Increase organic traffic to the website from a relevant audience that are likely to convert


The Telemarketing Company




Increased conversion

Within the first 12 months (2015-2016) of working with The Telemarketing Company, we increased the conversion rate of their PPC campaigns by 36%.

A lowered CPA

In the second year (2016-2017), we lowered the CPA by 9%, largely due to our CPC optimisation which saw a CPC decrease YoY of 22%.

Traffic increased

Organic search traffic increased by 13% (2016/2017 vs 2014/2015), and by 15% for 2017 YoY.

Increased leads

A 250% increase in organic traffic to the Lead Generation landing page led to a 100% increase in leads from this page YoY


In light of the decreasing website conversion rate, we reviewed the site and made a number of technical recommendations to improve usability and visibility in organic search. This resulted in a lift in search traffic and conversions.

On-page optimisation of key service pages improved search visibility for a breadth of terms – reducing the reliance on ‘telemarketing’ in organic search. Focusing on search intent meant that certain landing pages saw increases in traffic, as well as conversion rates. We focused on optimising the pages which had higher conversion rates in order to increase the traffic that was most likely to convert on the site. Organic traffic increased to top lead-generating pages – resulting in increased leads from these sources.

Regular blog content increased organic traffic to the site, widening the audience for remarketing and improving search visibility across a wide range of long-tail terms. On-page optimisation of case studies made them more relevant to how users search.


Having performed a full audit of the Telemarketing Company PPC account, we decided that a complete restructure would be the best approach to enable us to take advantage of the latest Google best practices. Since migrating from USD to GBP, we have been able to get a clear understanding of true ROI and how to build a bespoke optimisation strategy for the account moving forward.

As some search campaigns had already matured in the existing account and were driving strong responses, it was important that we did not lose visibility for these terms following the restructure. For these campaigns we needed to increase the quality score of the keywords and the click-through rates from the ads. To achieve this, we tailored the ad copy to each individual search term, with an ad copy refresh every quarter to adhere to AdWords best practice. We also ensured that users were directed to the most appropriate landing page available to improve the user experience and support conversion.

To advance the new account, we created display remarketing and RLSA campaigns to encourage previous website visitors who had advanced further down the sales funnel to return to the site and continue their journey. This involved additional audience segmentation to tailor each campaign to each customer’s stage in the funnel, building the campaign around the pages they had and had not visited.

The close communication and relationship with our client also meant that we could reactively create additional bespoke campaigns for areas of the business where leads needed to be driven or search demand needed to be met. For The Telemarketing Company, the new GDPR was an important example, and by creating a targeted campaign we were able to get potential customers engaging with the site and the relevant services they offer.

Ongoing elements of our strategy include:

  • Daily optimisations and quarterly performance reviews to ensure only the top performing campaigns are live and to adapt to seasonality
  • Continually monitoring for opportunities to add or expand extensions to increase The Telemarketing Company’s space on SERPs and decrease visibility of competitors
  • Filtering and optimisation of match types, removing expensive broad match modifier keywords and focussing on phrase and exact match keywords to improve effectiveness
  • Quarterly CPC analysis to keep spend in proportion for keywords growing in popularity

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