Website Design

Exceptional web design,
tailored for your business

Building brand awareness and uniformity

Telling your brand story and ensuring visitors convert is what your website is made for. Key to this is creating a digital environment that elicits an emotional response and delivers information clearly and simply, using shape, space, colour and our ingenuity.

In perfect synergy between designer and developer, at Fox&Bear we’ll provide you with concepts and original design solutions, prototypes, responsive layouts, and interactive assets that address your business, brand, and marketing needs.

Your brand is what makes your business or organisation unique, and our expert team take special care in analysing the impact it can have. We cleverly use logo elements and your website’s design to tie different concepts and ideas together.

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Pixel-perfect design and bespoke solutions for web pages

As an award-winning agency, we can help make your business more competitive with efficient, custom-built solutions, creative design and intuitive programming.

We tailor technology to fit your needs, turning complex ideas and expectations into an engaging and responsive website, while understanding the importance of how it impacts your audience’s perception of your brand.

The result is a bespoke website design, with an impressive, user-friendly interface that will help to grow your engaged traffic, increase conversion rates and deliver results seamlessly across all touchpoints.

User-friendly and mobile responsive websites

Understanding user experience is essential to a successful website, so we test our projects extensively to avoid confusing functionality or complicated navigation, making it easy to explore and understand.

Our experienced team will advise you on what is possible within your budget, and we can develop a scope of work suitable for your digital marketing strategy, that will be successful across all platforms. All of our websites are responsively designed for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones and are ready to support all your organisational needs.

Our services

  • Digital strategy
  • Website design
  • Creative direction
  • Landing pages
  • WordPress design
  • Ecommerce design
  • Responsive design
  • Website development

Our web design process



Before starting a design, we find out exactly how you want your website to be used, who you’re trying to reach and what you want them to do when they get there. We review your competitors’ websites to help us decide how best to position your website in the market.



To ensure your website does what it needs to, we create a site architecture with recommended pages based on how your customers search for your product or service, to aid SEO. We also plan layouts, images and copy with a tone of voice that fits your brand.



Once all the elements of your website are planned out, we create a mock-up so you can see exactly what it will look like and discuss any final changes to the design before we pass over to our development team.



Our expert web developers build the website to our specified design, ensuring it functions and can be used exactly as it should. The content of your website will also be fully optimised to help the site rank well on search engines.



When your website is fully tested, it’s time for launch. Our work doesn’t stop here though as we can continue to work with you on SEO and digital marketing strategies to make sure your new website helps grow your business.

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