Optimising your website
from the ground up


The foundations for long-term success

User friendly, mobile first and data-led – these are the foundations for your website’s successful performance and increasing engaged traffic. Traffic equals leads and leads turn into sales. By investing in an SEO strategy and increasing your portion of organic traffic, you’ll get more people to your website, growing leads and ultimately, your business.

At Fox&Bear we’ll help you to do this by ensuring your website is well optimised from a user perspective to improve its natural search visibility, and by analysing search volumes to inform quality content.

We adopt an ethical, transparent and authoritive approach to SEO where users are the priority. We’ll make sure the content on your website is useful, engaging and optimised for your target audience.

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A data-led, user-first strategy

We’ll provide you with a robust strategy, utilising our fox and bear-like traits: agility, wisdom, courage and authority, beginning with an initial website audit to outline recommendations for improving your website from a technical SEO and user experience standpoint.

We review your current site architecture, internal linking, content, optimisation and technical SEO set up, also analysing how users currently navigate your website, and your competitors. Finally, we’ll highlight opportunities to improve UX and conversion rates, giving you the courage to take your site to the next level.

Our services

  • PPC/SEO gap analysis
  • Search term analysis
  • Site architecture
  • Technical SEO and usability audit
  • Audit implementation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Local SEO

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