42% increase in form conversion rate from CRO

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Luxfer Magtech


Luxfer Magtech create innovative magnesium-based solutions that safeguard and protect. Working with organisations around the world, Luxfer Magtech deliver specialist products within the defense and humanitarian sectors.

In tandem with the launch of a new website and paid media strategy, we began supporting with CRO, to improve the ROI of marketing spend. We saw that traffic improved, and there was room to increase the number leads coming from this traffic.

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    Luxfer Magtech

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CRO results

42% increase

42% increase

  • 42% increase

    42% increase in form conversion rate

  • 118% increase

    118% increase in form conversion rate year on year

  • 163% increase

    163% increase in contact forms year on year

Heatmap analysis

We began with gaining insights about the user journey. We set up heatmaps on the old and new websites to learn how visitors interact with the sites. We coupled this with other key data from Google Analytics, like website searches and behaviour flows.

A heatmap anonymously tracks clicks on a web page and visualises these for analysis. A heatmap shows which elements on a web page receive the most clicks. Such visualisation helps website optimisers identify possible pain points, and points of interest on a web page.

The heatmap analysis revealed that users were struggling to find the product pages. Our recommendations focused on addressing these gaps in the user journey, with changes to the main menu and homepage content. We focused on funnelling users towards conversion points with clear, well-placed call to actions, and offering key information in a clearer way.

After the changes were implemented, we saw a 43% increase in conversion rate for forms on the new website. Compared to the year before, conversion rate for forms increased by 118% year on year, and lead numbers increased by 163%.