Social media | 31/10/2023

Organic strategy: Be a voice, not a noise

Posted by JessThomas

In the world of social media we have endless streams of content at our fingertips, ready to be scrolled through, double tapped and shared. It’s increasingly important to take stock of the value of the content we are putting out there. 

Building an organic marketing strategy that follows the production of quality content will help improve your brand’s ranking and is favoured by many social platforms. The result will likely increase the number of likes and shares, helping you build social proof.

Engagement and Trust

Finding the right balance between remaining present on social media platforms whilst adding some insight or value to the online noise can be tricky. Focusing on key elements to elevate your digital marketing strategy can help set the foundations for building strong trust and engagement with your audience. 

The world of social media is moving towards more video-based content. This has been particularly rapid since the rise of TikTok. As such, building out content across all social media platforms in video form over still imagery serves to capture users’ attention much more effectively than imagery these days. 

With our attention spans at an average all-time low of 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000 (we now have a shorter attention span than goldfish), it’s more important than ever to captivate users as quickly and effectively as possible. The first three seconds are the most vital in any social media post, giving people a reason to keep watching. 

Three attention-grabbing tips: 

  • Start with a bang: previously adverts used to build to a climax, now an effective technique to build audience retention is to start with your key messaging and add information afterwards.
  • “I am different”: allow your brand to stand out from the crowd and be the technicolour in the static. Establish how, or why, you are worthy of taking up this person’s time.
  • User-Generated Content: audiences are savvy nowadays and will know they’re being advertised to. Creating content that doesn’t feel like an ad builds trust with your target audience and can help keep you in the minds of users. 


Social Media SEO

With TikTok making its mark as a video-based search engine, the SEO of your posts across social media platforms is becoming paramount in your brand’s discoverability. Whilst social SEO is a relatively new phenomenon, the previous method of hashtagging everything and anything may be dying out in favour of more refined captions with no more than five hashtags at a time. 

Organic strategy is key to keeping your brand present and relevant to your audience. Being a leading voice rather than noise in the crowd can help set you apart from your competitors and helps to advocate your brand’s authenticity.