Creative Marketing | 7/11/2023

Why mail matters for your marketing plan

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Last week we attended the JICMAIL conference at the prestigious PwC. Full of expert speakers, tips and insights into why brands and marketers should include mail when they’re building their campaign strategies. We’ve come back buzzing with creative ideas and our eyes wide open to the undeniable dwell time of mail. So why does mail matter? Check out our five key takeaways.  


Why should you consider mail as a marketing channel?

Mail is a high attention channel. The average Direct Mail item generates 108 seconds of attention across 28 days, business mail 150 seconds, partially addressed mail 64 seconds and door drop 46 seconds. That’s some serious attention.  


What does the effectiveness of mail look like?

Mail attention is linked to commercial effectiveness. There is a x2 to x3 multiplier for time spent with commercially effective Direct Mail items and a x3 to x5 multiplier for door drops.  


How does mail help your online engagement?

Mail generates over five minutes of website usage on average, by items prompting digital traffic.  


Where does mail get you the most attention?

Location and contextual relevance are key drivers of mail attention and dwell times. The living room and the kitchen are particularly high mail attention environments. Thinking about content that will drive retention is key to driving attention metrics.  


How do users consume mail?

Mail is generally a solo activity and this makes it more attention efficient than many other channels. 

Mail is unquestionably a high attention channel. Its longevity at the home and high interaction rates offers huge potential to capture a consumer’s attention throughout the course of the month. News wraps, magazines and catalogues offer even more time to stretch that retention, attention and dwell time in the home.  




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