New patients from the website increased by 76%

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Cooden Medical Group


The Cooden Medical Group is a multi-disciplinary outpatient clinic, offering a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

When Fox&Bear were brought onboard in May 2016, the clinic had been open for two years, and growth had so far been fairly static. Cooden was competing with larger, more established clinics in the area, so there was a need to communicate to the local audience what this new clinic could offer and ensure visibility to those people searching for or researching treatments.

Our main focus was to drive appointments for veins, aesthetics and various ad hoc treatment areas as they were added, for two Cooden locations.

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    Cooden Medical Group

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Website optimisation & paid media

Firstly, we identified and implemented several quick wins to improve the website in terms of the user experience. This included moving hosting provider, improving site speed and changing the main navigation and internal linking of pages. We also implemented robust tracking for the site so that success could be measured and to help identify further pain points.

Following these quick wins, we worked to improve visibility and appearance of the site in organic search. We researched the questions users ask and the search terms they use to find information on the relevant treatments. This enabled us to expand and optimise the treatment pages on the site, as well as to create useful blog content to answer queries and establish Cooden as an authority.

We added mark-up for the clinic locations and events for improved visibility locally.

Having identified the landing pages with lower conversion rates, we applied usability improvements to enhance the performance of these pages.

We set up PPC campaigns for the key services, which included creating ad copy and testing landing pages, before continuing to manage and optimise those campaigns whilst testing new ones for different areas. Our experience in the healthcare sector has taught us that people often prefer to call for information and appointments, so we implemented click-to-call ads and were able to qualify the calls in terms of their quality by looking at call length.

Recently, we have begun promoting specific events held at the clinic via social media, reaching a targeted audience in the places where they spend their time.

In our campaign planning we were able to use our knowledge of the medical industry again by overlaying the seasonality trends we identified across similar clients, to make the most efficient use of budget at different times of year.

Key results

  • Traffic to the website increased 85%, with new users to the site up more than 110%
  • Organic traffic increased 32%, with 88% new users
  • Paid search accounted for 21% of traffic (no year-on-year comparison as budget was minimal the previous year), with 80% new users
  • A strong increase in brand awareness was reflected in direct traffic to the site doubling (89% new sessions)
  • The conversion rate for the site increased by 51% over the year
  • The organic and PPC channels had the highest conversion rates of all channels (3.25% for organic, 1.85% for paid, excluding phone calls)