Increased online revenue by 73% and an increase in overall ROI of 30%

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Posturite are a leading ergonomics company in the UK, supporting employers and employees across the country by allowing people to carry out tasks comfortably and safely.

Over 25 years, they have branched into DSE, health and safety, staff training, office refurbishment, assistive tech and more.

They work with and supply some of the largest and most well-known businesses in the UK, but also support direct-to-consumer sales.

Posturite approached us to help them with their PPC – specifically to deliver growth through non-brand campaigns whilst retaining a high ROI and hitting challenging revenue targets.

Previous over-reliance on brand searches had limited their reach and brand awareness. Therefore we knew that we would need to get in front of potential new customers who hadn’t previously heard of Posturite in order to grow their business.

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  • Complete restructure of the Posturite paid search account, taking a data-led approach
  • Campaign management for brand, non-brand, shopping, dynamic remarketing, dynamic search ads and Bing
  • Focused on high-value products – we created new shopping campaigns purely for big ticket items
  • Created new shopping and text campaigns for high order items with stable ROI to manage budget with a flexible approach
  • Created segmented lists to bid higher for basket abandoners
  • Developed distinct dynamic remarketing campaigns to target website visitors and basket abandoners separately, allowing tailored bid management and budget allocation
  • The account also got a thorough restructure to support the business objectives.

Restructuring the ad account

We had plenty of data to kick-off the rebuild of the Posturite paid accounts, and this helped inform our non-brand strategy – with a particular focus on shopping and dynamic search ad campaigns.

We focussed activity heavily based on time and day – the B2B focus meant that traffic, engagement and conversions reduced drastically outside of office hours.

For the period January 17 to October 17 vs January 16 to October 16 we saw:

  • An increase in overall revenue of 73%
  • An increase in overall ROI of 30%
  • An increase in non-brand revenue of 97%
  • An increase in non-brand ROI of 29%