KIMS Hospital

Increasing overall website traffic by 26% in less than 12 months

The challenge

A number of specialties offered at KIMS Hospital are unique to independent hospitals in Kent including nuclear medicine and interventional cardiology. The organisation’s number one objective is to provide safe, outstanding quality care for patients.

Being a relatively new hospital, KIMS Hospital’s challenge was to increase brand awareness in Kent, East Sussex and South East London, and highlight the USPs in order to attract more patients.

Another difficulty we discovered on beginning work with KIMS Hospital, is the bespoke website created by a previous agency, which has limited opportunities for further development. This means that other digital avenues to reach people are all the more important and need to be maximised.


KIMS Hospital




Our process

Step one

Strategy development

Worked closely with the team in the development of the marketing strategy

Step two

Website improvements

Tackled the most urgent website development work, and identified further areas for improvement, prioritising and managing the delivery of several key development tasks

Step three

Paid campaigns

Collaboratively planned and delivered cross-channel campaigns for cardiology, orthopaedics and recruitment

Step four

Measuring KPIs

Helped to set targets for the business, regularly reporting on key measures, such as leads generated by the campaigns and cost per acquisition

Step five

Campaign optimisation

Set up, developed and managed core PPC campaigns, whilst supporting and upskilling the in-house team to manage others

Step six

New content creation

Created new website content and pages for the site

Step seven

Content optimisation

Provided ongoing insight into website development and planning for a potential new site

Our solution

Collaborative working

Fox&Bear was appointed due to our extensive healthcare experience and passion for the sector, our results in supporting similar objectives for other clients, our creative data-driven approach, and our robust planning process.

The key to the success of this activity is working in partnership. Planning is a collaborative process, and campaign execution is divided according to who can best deliver the work in the time / budget available. We focus on areas where we’ll add the most value and digital experience, whilst other tasks are better undertaken by KIMS Hospital marketing team.

Flexibility is vital to the relationship as we also support in areas that are not necessarily ‘in scope’, making our agile working process ideal. Using our hours-based, agile model we are able to move the team’s time to where it’s needed most as the needs of KIMS Hospital change.


62 sign ups from the channels managed by Fox&Bear

1,900 clicks to the website from search engines

2.25% conversion rate from search

7,600 people reached on Facebook

5.54% conversion rate from social

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