152% increase in home visit bookings from social media

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Tapi Carpets & Floors


Tapi’s main objectives were to increase brand awareness and also to increase bookings for the home visit service.

Over time we developed a sophisticated paid social media strategy to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and support the rest of Tapi’s marketing and business objectives.

Starting with an initial trial of social media marketing where we saw success, we moved into on-going (paid) social media management. As we were starting from scratch with this channel it was important to have a robust strategy in place so we could test each element, see what worked best and work towards finding the winning formula for Tapi. We used a structured, data-led approach to test elements such as audience, messaging / creative, ad format and platform, ensuring all decisions were based on data rather than assumption.

We used this data to run a collaborative workshop with our client and identify potential new segments we could reach. Combining this with data from several other sources, we were able to gain insight into Tapi’s and competitors’ existing audiences according to factors such as age, affluence, location, lifestage and interests. After identifying several new groups to target, these were mapped into a testing plan to be implemented over the coming months, along with the type of messaging that would resonate most with them. Once we could see that an audience was engaging well, we tested this against another so that the targeting was constantly being refined. We also tested which types of creative, for example price or product focused, resonated best with each group and shared results on a weekly basis so that changes could be made.

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It was also important to reach the different groups with different messaging according to their stage in the buying process. For example, those who may not have heard of the brand would be exposed to broader, brand-led messaging, whilst those who had interacted already would see more call to action-based content. Differences by platform were also taken into account, for example knowing that Pinterest tends to be used earlier on in the research / interest phase, and messaging tailored accordingly.

Closing the loop

Once we were driving good numbers of people to the site via social, we developed a remarketing programme to ‘close the loop’ on those who’d interacted already with the brand. Several remarketing campaigns were implemented, not just targeting those who’d simply visited the site but also those who’d displayed specific behaviours such as searching on the website for a store or mobile showroom, ordering product samples, or putting samples in their basket but not completing the process.  These groups were targeted with a different message according to what they had done.

Accurate budget management was a key part of our work for Tapi. With a complex and frequently changing promotional schedule, it was important to manage budget correctly, particularly as the number of audience groups also increased.


  • We drove increasing numbers of visitors to the Tapi website via social.
  • We also saw engagement increase significantly as the audiences became more refined.
  • 152% increase in home visit bookings from social media year on year.
  • Increases in social reach and engagement with the brand on social platforms.
  • Engagement reaching up to 35%.