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Paid social

Investing in a targeted paid social media strategy

Social media platforms allow you to reach an incredibly targeted audience and engage them with your brand. 93% of internet users are reported to have at least one social media account, so there’s a huge opportunity to speak to your audience on the channels they spend time on.

Your competitors know this as well though. With everyone now using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to advertise their products or services, you need a bespoke approach that protects your brand.

At Fox&Bear, our paid media teams work closely together to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns supporting your business objectives, whether that’s building your brand awareness to reach new customers or promoting a new service to qualified leads.

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Research, test, and test again

Our team of paid social experts can help you capitalise on the opportunity social channels bring. With detailed targeting options, it’s possible to reach audiences based on key demographics, as well as targeted interests and behaviours. We’ll analyse your target audience, their needs and behaviours to build your brand with the people that matter.

It’s easy to get your message into the right person’s hands, but it’s sometimes hard to get them to change behaviour. That’s how we can help by researching, testing and testing again. We also know you’ll sometimes have limited media budgets, so we always work with you to spend wisely and transparently.

Our services

  • Account creation
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Ad copy and creative testing
  • Audience research and testing
  • Competitor reviews
  • Account audits
  • Creative assets

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