Branding & design | 8/06/2019

10 Reasons to Use a Design Agency

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Working with a design agency is so much more than asking someone to design a logo for your company. A good design agency can take the whole business of branding, creating marketing material, creating or updating a website and devising a marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers completely off your hands leaving you free to do what you do best: run your business.

1. Strategy

We all talk about marketing strategies and sales strategies but who thinks about branding and design strategies? Design agencies, that’s who.  It’s all well and good to develop ways to get your potential customers to notice you but if they don’t find your brand appealing, it’s all for nought. Getting the right look and feel to everything you are putting out with a plan for how, when and why this will be implemented is essential to marketing success.

2. Brand Consistency

Having a consistent brand does not mean everything you put out is roughly the same colour and has the same logo on it. If you have the exact same shades of all the colours you use in addition to a wide variety of small details being the same throughout all your branding, it will create a professional image and make your brand more easily recognisable.

3. Brand Audit

Is your brand doing what you want it to? Is it appealing to exactly the sort of customers you want to attract? Are you using the right colours to adequately reflect your brand’s identity? Is your logo effective? We can perform an audit to answer these questions for you.


4. Rebranding

If your brand is feeling a bit stale but you’ve got neither the time nor the inspiration to change it, a design agency can undertake all that work for you to create a new brand that really works but retains your company’s identity.

5. Expert Knowledge

As a business owner, you are an expert on your customers and exactly what your business offers them but you aren’t necessarily an expert on getting this message across. Our designers have spent years getting to know businesses to find the perfect branding and design solutions for websites, printed materials, social media, etc. to get brands recognised and to appeal to the right kind of customer.

6. Fresh Ideas

There’s definitely such a thing as being too close to your own business and having set ideas about how it should be represented in the outside world. While this is totally understandable, it may lead to brands either becoming old fashioned or not quite being directed in the right way so it’s useful to have an outside eye cast over it to bring in new ideas to reach new customers.


7. Team of Creatives

You’d need to have a very big business to have your own inhouse graphic designer, branding expert, copywriter, website builder, social media specialists, etc. so an advantage of using a design agency is to have all these experts working for you without them having to actually work for you.

8. Complete Service

Getting all the above creative people to separately produce a logo, a colour scheme, a website, printed material and online promotional material while keeping the branding consistent sounds like awfully hard work to us. That’s why we have the capability to do all of this for you and keep it absolutely consistent.

9. Branding as a Story not a Colour Scheme

People don’t choose a brand because their logo happens to be their favourite colour especially if buying from that brand is quite a big decision. When people are shopping around to make a large purchase and several companies are offering what they want to buy, they’ll go with the brand that seems most human and trustworthy. You create this feeling through having a consistent and coherent brand story not just a logo in pretty colours.

10. Future-Proofing

A really good brand has room to grow. We’ve all seen brands that look old a year after they’ve been launched and we’ve all seen brands that manage to move with the times and still remain consistent (look at Coca Cola). If you’ve built a good brand reputation, the last thing you want to do is to have to completely change your brand to stop it looking dated so we can create brands with the ability to morph, grow and move with the times.

At Spoken, we can do all of the above and more. Our designers take the time to get to know your business well enough to create a look and feel that will appeal to the kinds of customers you’d love to reach.

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