Creative Marketing | 9/12/2014

12 Days of Christmas Marketing Revealed

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

“On the 12th day of Christmas a clever marketer gave to me…” As I type, companies around the country are helping consumers to bulk out their stockings with last-minute sales, giveaways and competitions leading up to Christmas. This modern-day ’12 Days of Christmas’ strategy, wrapped up in tinsel and sparkly glitter, acts as a profitable advent calendar. If done correctly, this set of tactical efforts will provide a surge in sales and relieved faces before the bells of Christmas Day beckon.

Here at Cobb Digital, we have put together this handy guide on how use this festive window effectively to boost your business and please your customers.

Day 1

The countdown begins! Like any project, begin with a solid schedule that includes every element of the campaign. Take into account work which requires longer time frames, such as back-end development work and design.

Day 2

Research shows that around 4% of shoppers hit the shops in the final two weeks before Christmas. Use day two to get to know your spenders by going back through your monthly sales trackers. This information can then be used to form an effective email marketing campaign targets the right people.

Day 3

Now that you have a sturdy schedule set up, it’s time to hit the social media sites to create a buzz. Are there some giveaways for your loyal followers in the pipeline? Let them know! While other areas still need to be addressed in order for the campaign to actually perform, social media activity requires a continuous stream from start to finish in order to bring in the punters.

Day 4

As people begin to take notice of your brand through social media, it’s important to get your website optimised to deal with new activation codes and an influx in activity. Although this step should probably have been started months ago, it’s never too late to boost your website performance. Remember to include plenty of contact details online to avoid excessive phone queues.

Day 5

Time to peddle those giveaways, offers and competitions before people lose interest! From sweaters and cards to decorations and wine racks, tailor your products to suit the wintery occasion. Alternatively, refer to sales throughout the year to pick out some best sellers that are likely to please the crowds within a small timeframe.

Day 6

With only one week left until Christmas Day, use this time to send out emails in slay-loads to promote your offers. Create a sense of urgency through persuasive, hyperbolic language when spreading the festive cheer.

Day 7

With just six days left to go, people across the country will be getting into the party spirit. Increase that Friday feeling by promoting some shiny, sparkly party gear that can be enjoyed at glitzy Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations. Include some tangible figures – 30%, 40%, etc. – to grab some attention.

Day 8

It’s Super Saturday! After the manic scenes of Black Friday in November, Super Saturday provides another chance for consumers to pick up some bargains in a frenzy. As Christmas this year falls on a Thursday, expect a rush of sales online and in store throughout this final weekend.

Day 9

As Christmas Eve approaches and people start planning their own journeys over the holidays, shoppers may need delivery reminders before time runs out. There is no such thing as ‘over-communicating’ when reminding people of the buying cycle and delivery timings.

Day 10

Once the final batch of orders have been ordered and dispatched, your efforts can be shifted to other areas of the business. Extra revenue can be gained from online vouchers and virtual gifts, while listening to the opinions of your customers during this hectic time can benefit your scheduling and sales approach for the following year.

Day 11

Although the Christmas marketing window is becoming more restrictive, online activity can be continued through email marketing, last-minute online competitions with virtual gifts and social media activity.

Day 12

As the ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign draws to a close, the final day provides an excellent opportunity to remind your customers about the year ahead and create plenty of irresistible post-Christmas deals to see in the New Year.

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