Creative Marketing | 6/10/2014

3 of the best things to include in your content marketing

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

We all know that there are certain bits of content that we actually look forward to receiving. This can be for a variety of reasons, from money off vouchers to hints and tips from our favourite industry network, but creating this content can often prove tricky and time consuming.
I’m going to look at three simple tenets of successful content generation.

1) Sharing Industry Knowledge

This is probably my favourite one. Often prospective customers/ clients are scared to ask questions for fear of the hard sell or misinformation but by proactively dispelling myths about your industry you break down those initial barriers. A good example of this is a recent blog by those finance experts over at IEP Financial. Another successful tactic is promoting content from industry experts that are well respected in your field.

2) Video

Good old video. We love video. Whether it’s a seven second Vine or a studio-polished blockbuster, every company can get video into their content marketing strategy. The rates of engagement (shares/ comments), is still head and shoulders above text and will continue to rise. One of the biggest myths is that video is only for those companies with big spends. We couldn’t disagree more. 7 in 10 people in the UK carry a smart phone with them and these handy little devices can capture immediate, real moments that your subscribers want to be included in. YouTube is still the second biggest search engine and these visitors don’t necessarily want flashy animations or Hollywood actors endorsing a product – they want to be educated and/or entertained. Get your phone out!

3) Education

This is similar to point one but rather than sharing industry inside tips, good educational content will explain parts of your business that are specific to you. It’s important that this doesn’t read like a thinly veiled advertisement. Instead this should be beneficial to your audience whether or not they buy your product. For this example, look no further than those experts at econsultancy.