News | 25/04/2017

5 reasons why PPC and SEO work well TOGETHER

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Since my first week at Cobb Digital it’s been a running joke that PPC and SEO should fight to see who provides the most digital value. In the final straw today to find out who is better in the eyes of the wider world, we took to Twitter and created a poll which drove some good discussion points.

Now while I will always preach PPC and Lawrence will always preach SEO, behind closed doors we’ll both shake hands and admit that together we make a pretty awesome team when combined in one integrated strategy.

Here’s what you can achieve when you work together:

  1. A seamless online experience

There is nothing more satisfying than when you read an ad and you are directed to the most relevant landing page possible. It’s icing on the cake when the landing page is optimised and full of great quality content, thanks to the SEO team, which is how the conversions come in!

  1. Consistent messaging

There’s nothing the PPC team love more than some great meta descriptions from the SEO team that we can use as ad copy. Keywords are also welcome!

  1. Remarketing

If your organic visitors are leaving before making a purchase or really getting to know your business, then the PPC team can hit them later on with some display remarketing ads. This means that while they’re browsing display network sites relevant to your business offerings, we’ll show them some ads which make them think twice about what they’re missing.

  1. Pick you up when you’re down

If our paid source within Google Analytics doesn’t have enough data to justify whether we should increase or decrease our budgets then we can look at organic data to see where we can help your organic traffic.

  1. Synergy

Equally, when organic is doing really well we wouldn’t want to detract from your awesome SEO work (getting to position one within SERPs organically) by then being one spot above your organic listing in our special paid search slots. In this case we would move budget to other areas which need a traffic boost.

There you have it! If you want to see what inspired this beautiful collaboration then you can check out our Twitter account. Similarly, if you think you might need help with creating an integrated digital marketing experience then please get in touch.