News | 17/11/2015

5 Steps to Sales Success

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Creating your own bespoke sales funnel will not only help you determine the best way to market your particular product to the right audience, but it will give you an insight into how your customers behave. We wouldn’t want you missing out on any of those big leads now would we!
This handy graphic will guide you through the general sales process, so feel free to take inspiration from it when creating your own bespoke version.

Product awareness

The first step is getting your product in front of the right people. And how do you do this? There are various ways of promoting your business from social media marketing, to event networking and traditional PR. Being aware of your demographic is vital at this stage as you don’t want to waste your precious pennies marketing to the wrong crowd. Do your research and get to know the behaviours of your ideal customer.


At this stage your budding new customer is looking for reassurance. They want to see first hand reviews detailing the viability of your product. Make sure that all the information out there which you have provided is detailed and correct. Monitor the reviews and manage your responses. If you have a good product, be confident. Respond to reviews with a sense of conviction, being careful that your tone doesn’t come across as aggressive. Be personable and offer an unhappy customer a refund or a small gift token. New customers will see your endurance to win over the customer and will potentially not be put off by a bad review.

Community Response

This step is slightly out of your control, if your product is working well, good word of mouth will take care of this tricky part for you. Building up friendly, trusting relationships with your customers and even some brand ambassadors will create a trickle down effect and in no time you’ll have those referrals flooding in.

Price comparison

Here we can assume the customer is very interested but now we need to close the deal. If your product is priced fairly and the customer knows exactly what they’re getting for their money, that’s half the battle won. The other half is making sure they don’t go with a competitor, follow up your leads with a friendly email or phone call. It will keep you on their radar and give you an extra advantage if your competitors haven’t already done this.


It’s time to celebrate! Your hard work has paid off, but don’t get too carried away with the Bollinger. There’s another hidden level to this process – making them a repeat customer. Even if your product is a once in a lifetime purchase, there’s still the possibility that they can refer their friends and family to you.

Don’t underestimate the power of the first step in this funnel, visibility is crucial and here at Cobb Digital we have a wealth of experience in knowing how to market your business right from day one. Let’s discuss this important part of your journey and give us a call on 01273 208913.