Website optimisation | 3/10/2013

5 things to improve your Google + business account

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

1.Set up a business page if you are using Google+.

It’s ok to post as yourself too, but make sure your company is up on the site. Otherwise, you miss the opportunity to link back to it, reference it, and do all those kinds of things to raise your business profile, and SERP (search engine results page) ranking.

When you’re making your business profile:

  • Don’t miss the chance to include your business keywords in your tagline and introduction.
  • Google gives you the opportunity to include all your other social site links. Use it!
  • Include your website and location

2. Don’t keyword stuff

This makes Google sad.

3. Use a fun cover image of the team rather than a stock photograph

Sounds obvious, but having a photo that reflects your company’s personality rather than something bought online has much more impact with your potential market

4. Add an Author Biography and an Associated Image

One of the biggest USP’s of Google Plus is that it has a direct influence on the way Google search results appear. One of the biggest influences it holds is the images that it associates to specific search results.

It’s possible to optimise Google Plus personal and company accounts so that an image is displayed next to news, blogs and other relevant posts. This is especially useful for increasing click through rates to websites in competitive environments. Which result would you choose: one with an image or one that blends in to the background?

5. Join Communities

Communities are a huge part of what makes G+ great. Find communities that suit your business niche, and join them. Communities were introduced on Google+ in late 2012. They were kind of a response to Facebook groups, and to Twitter #hashtag communities. Google+ Communities are growing quickly, and can be incredibly engaging. Basically, they are a way to find your niche interests online, and interact with them.

But don’t abuse them by only posting spam, or only posting about yourself. Engage, share others’ posts, comment. Treat Communities like a networking breakfast, or trade show. If in doubt, send pictures of cats.