Branding & design | 13/06/2016

5 tips for building a successful B2B email campaign

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

According to a recent article from The Drum, 10 trends in B2B marketing – In with the old, out with the new?, email marketing remains a key channel within B2B marketing strategies and in 2016 we can see a trend towards more personalised and more targeted B2B campaigns.

Not only does email marketing have a proven record of generating ROI, it also allows brands to build strong relationships with their users. In order to keep up with the trends and build successful B2B email campaigns, here are a five tips you should keep in mind.

1. Send targeted content to different users

This is a key element of any email marketing campaign and it is pretty simple. Not all recipients want to hear the same thing. They might have different needs or use different part of your services. A common mistake it to just send out generic messages to the whole database and hope for the best. Segment your campaigns and offer targeted content to different users, i.e. the person who signs off the order vs the person who actually uses the product on a day-to-day basis.

2. Collect customer data and start using it

You might think you don’t collect a lot of data about your customers, but you already are in possession of some really useful information. Take the contract end date for example. Two months before the due date send out an email to make sure there isn’t any issues that would prevent a customer to renew his contract. By getting in touch with them at the right time you might give them attention and support they need to wanting to keep working with you. Know your customers purchasing cycle and send out campaigns at the right time.

3. Use email as part of an integrated campaign

Email works best as part as of an overall integrated marketing campaign. Don’t forget to link to your social media profiles, a specific landing page or a video on your Youtube channel. Deliver a consistent message across all channels and your email campaigns will start generating better results.

4. Testing, Testing, Testing

We cannot stress enough the importance of testing. Whether it’s subject lines, sending times or design, look back at results and make changes accordingly. Only by testing, testing and testing again, will you know what work best for your audience. Yes testing can be time consuming, but this will significantly help improve engagement and your email marketing ROI.

5. Don’t forget the end goal: selling

Email is a great tool to build relationships with your readers. However, let’s not forget it is most importantly a lead generation & sales tool. Don’t hesitate to send more transactional emails and remind your subscribers about a promotion or a new service you’ve just launched. Don’t expect your customers to go searching for your new features or order a new piece of equipment unless you tell them about it.

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