Paid media | 25/03/2014

5 tips for Spring cleaning your email marketing

Posted by Christian Ryan

Email marketing remains the best performing online marketing channel from an ROI perspective. This being the case it’s worth reviewing how you send campaigns to ensure you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible.

1) Cleaning up your act

Many marketers like to have as big a list as possible so they can blast their message to as many email addresses as possible. This is bad practice and can often lead to disappointing results.

We suggest looking at your email reports and see those that are engaged with your messages and those that aren’t. Treat these types of recipients differently with the types of emails you send. For those email addresses that never open your emails, take them off, they’re not offering any value to you.

2. Be more responsive

Opening emails on a mobile device is now the norm for many people. Make sure your messages are looking, as you want them to across all devices including desktop, tablets and smartphones by building responsive design emails. This will help ensure your message never gets diluted.
Get an idea of your recipients viewing habits by looking in the reports section of your email marketing platform, it will give you a breakdown of the different devices people use.

3. Change the subject

Subject line remains the most important tool in getting users to actually open your email. Make sure you’re constantly testing the subject lines tone and phrasing to be sure of which messaging is most effective for you.
Every email-marketing platform offers a tool that can make testing subject lines an incredibly easy exercise. Be creative with the subject lines to get really tangible results.

4. Be more social

Make sure you’re making it as easy as possible for recipients to share your email campaigns. Ensure the social icons are bold and visible so there’s absolutely no room for error.

If you’re sending a newsletter make it as easy as possible for your recipients to share the individual stories by adding the icons beneath each story. If you’re sending an acquisitional or promotional email be sure to include the social shares at the top of the email so your email has the chance to be shared with a recipient’s followers or friends.

5. Mix it up

Do you send emails on the same day and time each week/month because you’ve tested the optimum time for engagement?

If your answer to this is no, then why not?

Carry out a test and send your emails at different times of the day and day of week and then look at your opens and clicks, you may well be surprised with the results.