Paid media | 1/07/2015

5 Tips to Leave Your Mark on the Social Media World

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Having just celebrated social media day (on the 30th July) it had me thinking about how ever-growing, exciting and powerful the online space really is. Over the past year I’ve been an apprentice at Cobb Digital and have learnt a lot of tips and tricks along the way. It’s time to share my insights on how you can make your brand succeed, grow your engagement and leave your mark on the social media world.


Did you know that a tweet that features a hashtag are 55% more likely to be re-tweeted and receive twice the engagement than a tweet without? With this in mind, use relevant hashtags which connect your brand to a popular subject or timely event such as the recent heatwave. Exposure is great, but free exposure? Even greater.


It is important to know when the highest percentage of your social users are online. Getting this right will mean that your content gains maximum exposure. No one will see your hilarious new blog post at three in the morning. To find out which timings will ensure you get maximum reach, you can use a number of great online tools. Try Followerwonk – it’s free!

Customer Service

The key to providing great customer service from your brands social media profile is to listen and take appropriate action FAST! You can learn a lot about a brand through feedback, so build a positive relationship with the consumer. Ensure you are maintaining a consistent, friendly tone of voice across all social platforms – it will work wonders for your business.


Did you know you can get a 150% increase in retweets just by including images? That’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. Communicating visually is just as important as communicating through text. Images give you a chance to visually show off your product, provoke emotion and grab the consumer’s attention almost instantly.

Social Media Tools

Keep your online presence persistent, including weekends and holidays. There are an abundance of social tools that allow you to schedule your posts beforehand ensuring your brand is present at all times. Hootsuite is a great social media scheduling tool, it also allows you to learn from your successes (and mistakes), with an in depth analytics section