Website optimisation | 8/09/2020

Are You Using Video on Your Site?

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Video marketing is big news and 81% of all businesses now use it as a marketing tool. Are you?


Here at Fox&Bear, we have definitely seen a rise in video on the websites we are building and designing and there is an air of expectation that video is included.


There are several reasons for this, but the big one is communication. Now, more so than ever, people are wanting connection and relationships and video gives so much more than a static image. Video allows your clients (or potential clients) to hear how you speak, your mannerisms and be engaged with you far quicker than if they just see your picture.


It offers a new medium that isn’t a straight-forward advert, which people aren’t responding to as much, and allows a new level of storytelling and engagement about you, your brand and the products / services you offer.


A recent Google study found that 6/10 people would rather watch a video that live television and that mobile video consumption has gone up 100% each year. You Tube is the second biggest site after Google where a staggering 1 billion hours of video a day are consumed.


Of course, this is the breadth of everyone and anyone and brands large and small but for independent business owners, video still needs to be very much on your radar.


However, with the rapid rise in video does come trepidation as there are still a lot of people that are not comfortable with it and find it a tricky medium to master. So, our advice here is to start small.


A lot of the time, our clients know they need to use video but envision a huge shoot that is often daunting, not to mention expensive. But with the rise in Zoom and ‘home’ videoing being the accepted norm, you can get away with this methodology on your websites, as long as the content is good.


We often advise people to start sharing video on their social channels first, so an Instagram Story or a Facebook Live perhaps, then maybe look at hosting a webinar or a presentation that can also be housed on your website. There are many options for video but having a video content strategy as part of your marketing plan for your site and your social can do nothing but help your brand.


When we host Brand Discovery sessions with our clients, video is one of the big parts of the agenda and we speak a lot about the varying avenues we have to engage their audiences. With a lot more people working from home, working remotely and often solo, video can be a hugely welcome medium to connect. And the proof is in the figures – Hubspot recently revealed that a whopping 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or a service by way of video and websites with video have a 53% better chance of ranking higher on Google. These are numbers that can’t be ignored.


So, if you’re skirting around video and need a helping hand, advice and guidance, we’d love to talk more with you. It can seem overwhelming but if you break down your goals and objectives, audiences, budgets and time commitments, a video marketing strategy is do-able for any business, any size, and we’d love to work with you on your branding, website and design to really use video the best way for you.