Branding & design | 17/08/2018

B2B content doesn’t have to be boring and here’s why

Posted by Sammy Paget

There’s a common misconception around the tone required for communicating with a B2B audience.  Why are so many people’s first thoughts: dry, formal or conservative? At Cobb Digital, we respectfully disagree. Certainly, the language required for a business-focused piece is often more technical, but there’s no rule that says it has to be boring. In fact, we love creating content for our B2B clients and helping them find a voice that sets them apart from competitors.


Business consumers are human too, so treat them like one

Recent research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that 86% of UK for-profit organisations use content marketing within their strategies to attract and retain an audience. We work with leading B2B clients across a range of industries, including property events, financial recruitment and travel catering wholesalers, and a big part of attracting their audience comes down to helping them tell their stories – in a way that interests and relates to the end user. Sure, not all business services are sexy, but it definitely doesn’t mean that a personality can’t shine through and, heaven forbid, maybe even make light of things every once in a while.

So, look at it this way, whether you’re a decision maker within your organisation or purchasing a product based on your own motivations, we’re all consumers in one way or another and, more significantly, we’re all human, right? My point is that being a consumer for business purposes doesn’t make you any less human, so why would you want to be spoken to any differently? Of course you wouldn’t, nor would you find a brand that isn’t relevant or engaging worthy of your time.

Likewise, in a time where authenticity and trust is more important than ever, the lines of communicating to B2B and B2C audiences have blurred significantly. Demonstrating value for money is rarely enough for B2B consumers anymore; they need to be reassured that they are making the best decision possible for their business, and working with suppliers that are known to operate transparently.

Nail your content and position yourself as an industry leader

So, how do you tell your story so that it reaches the right decision makers and sows the seeds of integrity and trust? Whilst, unfortunately, the solution will not be solely content-focused, a good start involves your commitment to ongoing, quality content marketing to position your business as a leader in its industry and drive organic traffic to your channels.

Perhaps the resources within your organisation just simply aren’t there to churn out blog content, case studies or refreshing web copy, and that is often the case. Even if they are, sometimes a blog will only ever be a blog – you need the know-how on how to write and optimise content that search engines will also recognise as good.

That’s where agencies like us come in. We’ll work with you to drill down into your core values and find a voice that reflects them. Our data-driven approach to content means that we spend the time understanding what topics are gaining good search volume, compiling insight-led content plans and writing engaging copy that gets under the skin of your brand.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Find out more about the content services we provide at Fox&Bear and then, when you’re ready, get in touch with us to see how we can be of help.