News | 22/11/2022

Burgers and aesthetics anyone?

Posted by James Dempster

In October I gave a presentation at CCR – the UK’s flagship event in medical aesthetics. There were many interesting talks but one that stuck with me was an analysis of data in the aesthetics industry given by Ben Pask.

Two things I love are data and healthcare, so I was fully invested. Read on for some surprising stats.

  • 14 million people are considering treatment in the next 12 months
  • 78% of people surveyed think that the cost of living crisis will have an impact on which treatments they undertake
  • Social media is a key influence on decision making
  • Clinics that do well demonstrate case studies, value for money and a wide range of treatments
  • The UK non-surgical aesthetics industry is valued at £3bn in the next 12 months (the same as the UK burger industry)

So what does this mean? Firstly, burgers and aesthetics have more in common than “zero” like I would have guessed pre Ben’s talk.  Secondly, the cost of living crisis is going to have an impact on the sector. This shouldn’t be a terrifying (or indeed surprising) fact, but should mean that you pause and reflect on the value that your clinic offers.

What is your USP?

Why would a patient choose you over a competitor?

Are you being mindful of the current situation in the UK (and beyond)?

Finally, social media has a huge role to play in people’s decision making. Social media is often maligned, and often rightly so, but used correctly it can be a force for good. We shouldn’t be making people feel “not enough” through photoshopped images or careless campaigns but we all want to feel better about ourselves in whatever shape that takes. People turn to social media for distraction, entertainment and to stay in touch with the news. Marketers have a duty to ensure that the right people are receiving the right message at the right time and this includes all social media output.

Three takeaways (not the burger kind) that clinics can use to make more of their marketing

  • Show don’t tell. People want to see before and after pictures, reviews and testimonials. In our experience the best time to ask for a review is straight after payment. Your patient will be feeling good and will demonstrate that in what they write about you and your service
  • The market is still growing. Ethical services that provide demonstrable results will thrive through difficult times
  • Use your marketing spend wisely. With competitors using all of the channels that you are, you need to stand out. Social is key for the aesthetics industry as it’s a visual, immediate way of communicating to your audience. It does come with a health warning. Understand your audience, where do they spend their time? What motivates them? Which key messages resonate?

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