News | 18/05/2022

Celebrating our recycling achievements

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Here at Fox&Bear, we’re big believers in looking after our environment and do everything we can to help.

As well as the easy stuff like cutting down on printing and turning the lights off, we’re always looking at ways we can help our clients make sustainable choices too. Whether that’s through their marketing campaigns, or how we run our meetings, we try and do everything we can.

This year we’re delighted to share that we’ve recycled 400kg of materials, we’ve saved 472kg of CO2 and we’ve preserved four trees! It might not sound like much, but with a team of 21, and with lots of us now making the most of our flexible working arrangements, we’re really proud.

We’re also lucky to live in sunny Brighton – one of the UK’s greenest cities. Here we’ve rounded up our favourite green initiatives happening in our city and nationwide.

Fareshare Sussex

 This organisation provides food to charities and groups that deliver services in addition to meals, such as advice and guidance, health support, counselling and befriending, to help break the cycle of poverty and use food as a vehicle for good above and beyond alleviating hunger.


 Started in Brighton, Freegle aims to increase reuse and reduce landfill by offering a free Internet-based service where people can give away and ask for things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Wilder Verges

 Brighton & Hove Wilder Verges project is trialling improved management for wildlife and biodiversity benefits at 25 verge sites across the city. Brighton & Hove City Council are working with Brighton & Hove’s Wildlife Forum and volunteers from across the city to deliver the project, the aim of which is to monitor how changing the management of amenity grassland such as verges benefits urban nature.

The Big Lemon

Originally running all the buses on recycled waste cooking oil from local restaurants, The Big Lemon launched the UK’s first solar-powered electric bus in 2017 and is now converting its entire bus fleet to electric.  Electricity to power the buses is provided by solar panels on the roof of the bus depot.


HISBE stands for How It Should Be. HISBE is a regular supermarket – operating how it should be. The social enterprise wants to transform the food industry by challenging the way big supermarkets do business. The store offers a range of everyday groceries thoughtfully sourced from small, local producers and brands that trade responsibly, fairly and sustainably.

Ready to make more sustainable choices in your business, or perhaps you’re keen to see how you can build a more sustainable marketing strategy? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!