News | 19/11/2016

Cobb Digital celebrate Google Blue Badge status

Posted by James Dempster

This week, thanks to Cobb’s Google Partner status, Christian and I travelled to London to attend a Google Partners Badge Celebration event at Google HQ. We were treated to a night of ‘mind bending fun and eye-opening experiences’ which included Virtual Reality graffiti via the unbelievably talented Tilt Brush team and a personal highlight – Google Arts confirming that we’ll now be able to go on behind the scenes tours of the British Museum (amongst others) from the comfort of our home/office.

One of the major highlights included is that we now sit with in the top agencies in the UK, as Google highlighted that only 15% of agencies have Google Blue Badge status.

Google have predicted that digital ad spend is going to grow 52% over the next two years and with this in mind, it’s more important than ever that we ensure our clients are getting the most from their advertising spend.

What is a Google Partner

A Google Partner is an agency or partner who has passed Google Adwords product certification exams and is therefore up to date with the latest product knowledge. It also means we’ve demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise and met AdWords spend requirements.

What does it mean for Cobb Digital clients?

So, what does that mean for you? Because Google’s Partner Badge is their pledge to us that they will support our activity in order to help ensure best practice, we are able to access any training and support directly from Google themselves. We also have an account manager that shares Google insights with us. As a result, we get to pass that knowledge and learning on and apply it to the work and campaigns we do for you on a daily basis.

Moreover, in order to maintain our status, we must continue to demonstrate agency and client revenue growth as well as sustaining and growing our client base.

If you would like to speak to one of our digital experts about how we can help optimise your digital spend simply email