News | 16/04/2015


Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

A ground-breaking careers event at the American Express Community Stadium (AMEX) on Thursday, April 16 gave local school students the opportunity to meet with more than 50 business organisations, including Cobb Digital. ‘Be the Change’ was organised by and facilitated by social enterprise, Humanutopia, to inspire students about their future career. It is the first event of its kind to be held in Sussex.

Some 100 students, aged between 14 and 15 years old, came from schools across Brighton and Hove. They enjoyed taking part in workshops and group sessions where they learned more about the world of work and the wealth of the possibilities and career opportunities in Brighton and beyond.

The students also had the opportunity to meet local employers and business volunteers who offered face-to-face advice and guidance about getting started in the workplace. These organisations included event sponsors and representatives from’s founding partners and business contacts from across Sussex.

James Dempster, Managing Director of Cobb Digital, a Founding Partner of, was one of the business volunteers at the event. He said:

“What a phenomenal day. I have never seen such positive change occurring right before my eyes before. The team at and Humanutopia pulled together a fantastic day that truly changed lives. I hope that I played a part in that, however small. Having had humble beginnings, I want to help people who aren’t from privileged backgrounds be all they can be.”

The idea for “Be the Change” came from Gary Peters, Founder of He said:

“It was a very powerful day, bringing together young people with business volunteers from across Brighton & Hove to raise their career aspirations and demonstrate the skills and mindsets required to be the best you can be in whatever career you choose or find yourself in.”

“What made it particularly successful was the way Humanutopia facilitated the whole event. They made it into an interactive and engaging experience, focussing on the importance of personal qualities as well as qualifications. They demonstrated that whoever you are and whatever your background, you really can be successful so long as you put your mind to it.”

“I’d particularly like to thank Cobb Digital for taking part in this amazing event and making it so memorable for everybody involved. Thanks to Cobb Digital over 100 local young school students are now much better equipped for the world of work and inspired to be the best they can possibly be, regardless of what challenges they have faced or face them along the way.”