News | 22/02/2021

Do We Need To Prepare For Digital Abandonment?

Posted by Lisa Seymour

Our world currently is all digital because it has to be.  Many of us have taken on new digital skills, learnt to communicate, sell and market in a digital environment and adapt both personally and in business to this new norm. However, there will come a day when in-person conversations, conversions and transactions will be back, and it is worth asking the question of whether our digital world will get temporarily abandoned when this day does come? The general consensus is that once we get back to ‘normal’ – said in the loosest term – there will be a natural unity of both digital and in person in business, with both as important as the other, but initially, I feel this may not be the case.

People are so in need and, at times, desperate, for human interaction and to not be sat in front of a screens all day that they might temporarily abandon their laptop altogether in search of that much needed, and missed, physical connection. As business owners, it is worth thinking about this and planning for it. If you do not have a physical space to re-enter and solely survive in the digital domain then it might be worth looking at how you can physically come to life as an extra addition to your offer. This need, desire and want to be back into the world as consumers, business owners, friends, family and colleagues will be strong, and many business owners could capitalise on this increased footfall and audience who will still want to be stimulated, excited and transported, all be it in a physical environment.

For digital-only brands, it might be worth thinking how you can bring your brand to life ready for this time. Ideas include temporary pop-up spaces which allows you to showcase your brand and your offer to your audience; hosting an event to thank your audience, customers and staff for their support, creating an exclusive product, arranging a meet up under your brand umbrella or rewarding your most loyal customers with a surprise visit / gift.

There is a lot that can be done that can be documented and used to create some amazing content for both on websites and social media for when people do come back online, which I have no doubt they will – but those that have enjoyed a memorable brand experience will be your loyal fans forever!

I would love to hear your opinion on this – do you think that there will be an abandonment of digital for a time or do you feel people class this now as their preferred norm?