Branding & design | 17/11/2020

Do You Know Your Mission?

Posted by Lisa Seymour

We’ve all heard of a mission statement and the big corporates plaster theirs throughout their marketing, but as smaller business owners, do you really know yours?

Knowing your mission as a business seems very in vogue right now, there is a lot out there about authenticity, relatability and realness – especially in the recent months where these are not only craved but expected values in brands.

For us at Fox&Bear, we have always had our mission pretty clear: we want to bridge the gap between our clients’ core values and their clients and make visceral connections that drive loyalty and that are built to last. We do this by creating visual language for our clients that speaks to the needs of the people they want to attract.

Really knowing our mission and having it crystal clear is such a help as it’s our leading signpost in all the work we do, and it ensures that both our existing and potential clients truly understand what we’re about at our core.

There is a lot of bumf out there about mission statements and there are so many that really don’t marry up the brands that they are coming from which, as consumers, can set alarm bells ringing as if they don’t know who they are, how are we expected to?

Taking time to really carve out your mission is imperative to your future success and so many times people are – understandably – giddy to sprint out the starting blocks of their new business without their mission being formulated which can leave them coming unstuck a few laps in.

At Fox&Bear we really do understand the importance of this, and we tend to ignore the standard vision, mission, purpose guidance out there and instead work with our clients to unearth and discover their truly unique mission for them and their business.

It’s such a wonderful and bespoke process and something that we do right at the beginning of working with a new client. Often, they haven’t thought about it and very often they are surprised a design agency will do this foundation step first. But I am pleased to say that all are very pleased we do as it lays the path for future success, cements their values and ensures they have a clear brand direction which often impacts the look and feel of their brand and can dictate the language and imagery they use – powerful stuff.

So, I encourage you all to really think about your mission and to revisit it often as, like our businesses, it can change and adapt, especially at the moment. Perhaps what you set out to do has changed in light of the new ways of working and a new avenue or business path has presented itself. You mission is there to be the shining light and should be used as a regular check-in that you’re going the right way and if you’re not, why not? Are you going off road or has the mission changed?