Paid media | 19/02/2015

Facebook have just launched Product Ads

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

You now have the option to highlight specific products with Facebook, something that wasn’t possible until now. With product ads, businesses can showcase more products and people on Facebook can discover more relevant products. Those kind people at Facebook have also made it very easy to get your products featured, as you can upload your entire product catalogue in one go.

The benefit of using Facebook over Google is the level of targeting that is possible through it’s many targeting features, highlighted here. Once the target market is identified you can automatically reach people who visited your website/app (via Custom Audiences), or reach people based on specific interests, locations, etc.

Armed with this knowledge you can hit them with the specific product that they viewed on your website when they come back to Facebook to let the world know about their incredible lunch, or other vital update.

American retailer Target have already witnessed a 20% increase in their conversion rates by using product ads over standard Facebook ads.

“With dynamic product ads, Target has been able to more easily engage consumers with highly relevant creative. The early results have exceeded expectations, with a 20% increase in conversion compared to other Facebook ads. Performance has also been especially strong with people shopping on mobile devices — an important and fast-growing area for Target — where we’re seeing two times the conversion rate.” — Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President, Target

If you’re an ecommerce website, you should give this a go today.
Email for more info.