Creative Marketing | 20/12/2022

Future-proof healthcare marketing tips for 2023

Posted by James Dempster

UK healthcare has seen a major shift in the way it markets itself over the last few years, with many organisations now turning to social media and digital advertising over traditional marketing methods. However, while this is an effective method of reaching out to current and potential patients, it’s important to understand that traditional methods of promotion still have their place.

This year, healthcare organisations across the UK will be looking for new and innovative ways to market their services, with the aim of increasing patient engagement online, as well as in person. Here are some of the most popular healthcare marketing ideas that we saw deliver success last year.

Patient Engagement Campaigns

A key element to any healthcare marketing campaign is engaging with potential and existing patients. This can be done by creating content that is interactive, allowing users to engage with the company in real time through a variety of channels. These campaigns could include anything from surveys and focus groups to online quizzes and competitions. Talk to your existing and prospective patients, find out what they like and deliver that. Simple!

Awareness Campaigns

Another great way to promote healthcare services is through awareness campaigns. These campaigns aim to increase the visibility of a particular service or location, helping it to reach out to more people and generate a larger patient base. These campaigns usually involve distributing information through various mediums such as social media, print and OOH advertising. The benefit of using digital media is twofold.

1 – Targeting – demographic profiling is now quick, accurate and brings costs down as marketing budget is only deployed where your audience spend their time.

2 – Tracking – I speak to so many prospective clients that say they have no idea which part of their marketing spend is working for them. With all of the tracking at your fingertips, make sure GA4 is set up to give you a real time picture of what’s working, and what’s not.

Personalised messaging

This is such an effective way to reach out to patients, as it allows organisations to communicate directly with individuals. This includes personalising emails and messages on social media platforms tailored specifically for each user. Use your channels to help your patients feel “seen” and you’ll create an engaged group of people.

Educational Campaigns

Finally, educational campaigns are a great way to engage with potential patients. These campaigns often involve providing informative content such as articles, videos and podcasts which help to educate people on health-related topics. Great at sparking interest, offering real value and positioning you as experts.

By using a combination of the above marketing techniques, any healthcare company can ensure that they reach their desired targets and engage with more patients this year.

The key is to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to traditional advertising methods. What makes your audience “tick”? Where do they spend their time? What could you do slightly differently than your competitors? Find this out, think of what you can deliver, set KPIs and then monitor the results.

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