News | 1/12/2020

Getting 2021 Ready 

Posted by Lisa Seymour

As we are nearing the end of 2020, it is time to start thinking about next year and what you can plan for, rather than what you can’t.

It’s December – how are you feeling about it? Are you very much looking forward to seeing the back of this year or has it been better than you thought in light of the challenges and uncertainty?

For so many of us, this year has been reactive, as it’s had to be. We have been so busy ‘doing’ that we haven’t had time to reflect or take stock and see how our business has changed and adapted.

For us, we are going to get some time before the Christmas break to reflect, regroup and acknowledge the learnings from this year. As business owner, it has been a big year with big challenges, both in terms of leading a team and shaping where the business is going and, top of the list, ensuring our clients are happy and we are fully meeting their needs.

Going into 2021, like every year, we will have a clear strategy in place of what we would like to achieve – and I use the word ‘like’ purposively as we are very aware that things will shift, much like this year. However, we want to focus on what we can have control of and that’s looking at our team progression, developing our work ethic and growing our client base while nurturing our existing relationships.

Digital skills, and the need for them, is going to do nothing but grow next year so as a design agency, we need to be equipped to deal with this demand and offer a great service that understands, delivers and educates in all web design elements.

The psychology of brand and really getting to know the people behind the businesses is a big focus for us too going into next year, as it is constantly fascinating learning the stories of why a brand is here and who is behind it. We ensure these stories are represented not only on their websites, but through its design and aesthetic. This, we feel, differentiates Fox&Bear from a number of other web design agencies as we value the brand’s ethos, values and people behind it equally to the design.

If you are planning for next year, do ensure your website is high on your list and look how you can update it, ask if it really is reflecting your brand and your business as it stands right now and if it is speaking to your audience? Then, then do the same for your other digital outputs such as your social media, newsletters, email signatures – anything that your audience sees. Are they getting the same experience from you at each digital touch point, and if not, why not?

We’d love to hear from you if we can be your digital brand partner in 2021!