News | 23/06/2014

Happy Birthday Cobb Digital/ Cobb Healthcare

Posted by James Dempster

It’s such a cliché, but I can’t believe that Cobb Digital and Cobb Healthcare are one year old this month. We’ve grown from just me in a smallish office to three employees plus me in a spacious, well-decorated space. With it we’ve grown as a company as well. We’ve delivered results to a variety of clients, including a very successful campaign with South Downs National Park Authority, a potential award winning campaign with Worthing Council and many more.

The team I’ve got is one of the most talented that I’ve assembled in over 10 years of management and I hope that in five years time Cobb Digital is mentioned as one of the places creative marketers in Sussex want to work for.

One of the things that we’ve seen is that a lot of people get caught up in the question of where to promote their brand. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Whilst I can see that this could be daunting, the biggest thing that I’ve learnt over the last year (business wise at least!) is that it doesn’t matter where you’re posting your message, it’s more about the what you’re posting. It’s such a noisy place online that you need to stand out.

How do you compete with an interactive polar bear? How do you stand out against an advert with Cristiano Ronaldo having a kickabout with some children? These are the exciting questions that will shape the online marketing community.

Yes; Instagram is a different medium to Facebook, but we want to hear stories. We want to engage with a brand more than just by buying the latest boots or office products, we want to feel part of their story. What’s your story?

We’ve got big plans for the next twelve months, but don’t want to lose sight of what’s made it work so far – delivering real ROI to our clients.