Paid media | 30/07/2020

Healthcare is happening on Facebook. Make sure you’re part of the conversation.

Posted by Harry Dacres-Dixon

Throughout COVID-19, it’s been demonstrated that healthcare is happening on Facebook.

As offline conversations have become more difficult due to lockdown and Facebook, Instagram and Messengers online communities continue to grow to over 3bn monthly users, more and more traditional healthcare conversations are happening on the platforms.

If you’re a healthcare company looking to grow, now is the time to make sure your brand is part of the discussion on Facebook. Here’s why.

Health conversations are already happening on Facebook.

Social media has extended people’s health networks whilst keeping them personal. People have always gone to those within their community for support, information and advice on healthcare. What’s changing is where these conversations are happening.

From talking with friends on messenger or asking anonymous questions through one of Facebook’s specialised support groups to discovering new healthcare brands on Instagram and getting advice from a healthcare professional’s page, Facebook’s platforms are where healthcare consumers are spending their time, with 1 in 4 already relying on social media to make health decisions.

People of all ages are using social media to discover healthcare brands.

Whilst we typically associate social media with millennials and Gen-Z, the fact is that people of all demographics are now using Facebook to explore their healthcare options.

Whilst each age group has its own specific set of needs, data from the Global Web Index in 2019 shows that people of all ages are using social media to discover brands  able to help meet these. Regardless of your audience’s age, Facebook and its specialised targeting options offer a unique opportunity to build your brand and generate revenue.

Personal topics require a personalised approach.

Conversations don’t typically get more personal than healthcare. Everyone experiences their own unique issues, worries and experiences. As a result, it pays to personalise your marketing, particularly when it comes to younger audiences,  as data shows that 30% of millennials and 35% of Gen-Z want brands to offer personalised products.

Whilst more traditional marketing channels are limited to broad campaigns, Facebook offers several features to ensure your ads and content are relevant to individual consumers. You can build unique custom audiences that combine information taken from the platform’s sophisticated website pixel, targeting each group with specific creative to reflect the range of actions they have taken on your site. Or, you could utilise Facebook’s dynamic product feed to specifically show users the products they have already viewed or added to basket.


Whether getting advice from friends or engaging with their favourite healthcare brands, Facebook is where today’s healthcare consumers are spending their time.

Don’t ask your audience to spend time finding you elsewhere. Meet them where they already are and bring your voice to the conversation.

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