News | 8/08/2014

Instagram Pigs You Should Be Following!

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

As you all know over here at Cobb Digital we are pretty animal mad. Particularly over cats, but there are enough ‘cats to follow’ blogs out there.
When Sir Tim Berners-Lee was asked recently what surprised him the most after 25 years of his extraordinary invention, the World Wide Web, he replied, “I never thought there would be so many cats.”

So why are animal social networks so popular?

As long as social media exists there will always be a demand for pet lovers to talk about, share images of, and introduce to the greater community, the lives of their joyous furry friends. Let’s face it the online world would be a much gloomier place without their existence. CBS reported that 15% of all Internet traffic is cat-related, this just gives an insight into how much making an animal friendly marketing campaign could help increase that all important Klout. Klout Score is a number that represents your social media influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.
So we thought we’d treat you guys with our top 5 picks of the cutest Instagram pigs to follow… You’re welcome.

1. prissy_pig – 160,507 Followers
Priscilla and Poppleton, these adorable siblings will melt your heart.

2. bacon_the_piglet – 101,038 Followers
Piglet about town Bacon will captivate even the most cynical of imaginations.

3. hamlet_the_piggy – 77,259 Followers
Hammy the darling mini pig will keep you enthralled with her mini adventures.

4. Barbiethepig – 71,603 Followers
This gorgeous little mite can sure rock a pig-stamazing outfit or two.

5. pretty_penny_piggy – 4,711 Followers
Last but by no means least it tiny pretty penny. Unbearably dreamy.

“According to The Telegraph in the U.K., one in 10 pets has a social media profile,” says Gabriel Mederos, Manager for Public Relations and Corporate Affairs at Nestle Purina Pet Care Company. “People seem to want to share information on their pets and social media is a great avenue to share this information. Mark Zuckerberg’s dog, Beast, has his own Facebook Page with over 1.5 million likes. It speaks to the engagement that people feel with pets.”

So why not try your hand at creating your fuzzy little pet’s own Instagram profile and see how many likes you can get . . I’m trying it @bruno_kittycat