Creative Marketing | 6/03/2017

Introducing the next big deal in email marketing: Email+

Posted by Lauren Isaacs

A little background…

In 2014, email marketing was hailed as the best digital channel for ROI, and little has changed to suggest otherwise. In fact, the channel generates an average ROI of 3,800% – and many believe it delivers the strongest ROI of any marketing channel.

What were we looking for?

In short, we were on the look-out for a platform that allowed us to deliver great results for our clients. We’ve landed a fresh, feature-rich email marketing platform complete with all the tools we need to provide a cost-effective and reliable email service that delivers great results, every time.

Introducing Cobb Digital’s Email+

Email+ acts as a one-stop shop, allowing you (and us) to directly and efficiently communicate with your clients and prospects, taking our email marketing capabilities to the next level. This all-singing, all-dancing email software enables us to:

– Create beautifully branded email content

– Perfect personalisation emails like never before

– Hit engagement and conversion goals time and time again

What does this mean for our clients?

We all know the struggles of an inundated inbox full of irrelevant content; it’s simply not enough to just press send on mass-market ‘broadcast’ emails without a strategic plan in place.

That’s where Email+ comes in. With unlimited data storage and endless integration opportunities, clever segmentation and targeting has never been more achievable. We connect directly to Zapier (pretty impressive integration software) meaning that there are 1000s of snazzy integration opportunities at our fingertips.

Be part of the Cobb fold

When you choose us to handle your email marketing, we’ll devise and develop a long term, joined up strategy that works seamlessly with other elements of your online marketing. We always begin with a thorough email marketing audit to fix issues, identify opportunities and construct effective strategies. We can then give you the Full Monty treatment:

  • Strategy advice and development
  • Template build and optimisation
  • Automation strategy and set up
  • Integration support
  • Data management
  • Domain masking
  • Bespoke reporting

Want to take your email marketing results to the next level? Find out more by heading over to our email marketing service page, or give us a call on 01273 208913 and we discuss which flexible package will best suit your business requirements.