News | 8/04/2021

Join James and Lisa on Tuesday 27th April at 10am

Posted by Lisa Seymour

How collaboration builds resilience.

  • Know your skills.
  • Gather a useful gang.
  • Choose a hideout.
  • Have a survival kit.

Over the last 12 months we have become painfully aware of the fragility of what we deem as normal. Resilience is a word that has been used a lot during this time in response to our mental wellbeing, along with our business strategies.

Join James Dempster and Lisa Seymour (formally of Cobb Digital and Spoken, now practicing collaborative resilience through working together), to hear their insights from the last year and how the pandemic has made them and their team stronger, more adaptable, more collaborative and has seen the exciting launch of Fox&Bear.

Tuesday 27th April at 10am

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