Creative Marketing | 31/01/2022

Key trends and considerations for digital campaigns this year

Posted by Christian Ryan

Let’s face it, there’s lots to be keeping on top of at the moment. Whether it’s understanding the latest government guidelines, keeping that new year’s resolution past January or determining who Sue Gray is, it’s a busy time. Hopefully this collated list of key trends and considerations for digital campaigns in 2022 will give you one less thing to worry about.

Cookie free

Google have extended the deadline for their Chrome browser to stop using cookies to 2023, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about how this will impact your Paid Media ads campaigns now. The Facebook iOS update gave us insight into how the increased layers of user privacy impacted the effectiveness of some types of campaigns in 2021, so learn lessons from this and get ahead of the game.

Leveraging first party data is one of the key ways to help ensure efficiency of campaigns in 2022, so ensure you have all the connections and integrations between CRMs or marketing platforms and your website so that you can action this change sooner rather than later.

Attribution and measurement 

Demonstrating and attributing marketing activity will become more difficult in the wake of cookie-less marketing, but it’s essential that this is part of your marketing strategy focus in 2022.

Google Analytics 4 was designed to deal with a cookie-less future, so expect usage of this to increase throughout the year as marketers adapt to the shift.

Check out our blog on what Google Analytics 4 is and how it can help here

AI and Automation

The accelerating use of AI and automation in Paid Media will continue in 2022.

Following in the footsteps of Smart Bidding and Responsive Search features in Google Ads, their latest release Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign that allows advertisers to access all of their Google Ads inventory (YouTube, Shopping, Search Display) from a single campaign. Google uses its AI technology to determine the best network to deliver ads based on behaviour and stored data.

We’re looking forward to testing this feature and will be reporting back on our findings in a dedicated blog in the coming months.

Social – a learning platform

TikTok had huge growth in 2021 and was amazingly the most visited site. In line with the explosion of the platform, and a combination of increased social media usage in lockdowns, there has been a growing trend of users using social media for learning. It is increasingly being used as a place to increase knowledge of new skills and to educate on news and current affairs.

This is a huge opportunity for marketers. How can you start generating content that educates your following?

Video, video, video

Not a new trend but video and the incorporation of it in overall marketing strategies is now fundamental to success. You can’t expect users to engage or convert with your content if you’re not investing in making it easy for your users to engage with. Users now expect to be able to multi-task when browsing and video is ideal for this.


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