News | 10/07/2017

Let’s Get Digital: Being More Creative Online with Allegra Chapman

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Continuing our rundown of last week’s talks, we’re now onto the first of two of Engagement Manager, Allegra’s talks. Allegra brought engagement to the fore with an interactive session on content creation. Here’s what we learnt…

Why bother?
Didn’t think being creative with your content mattered that much? Think again. Your brand will be 3.5x more likely to outperform competitors with a creative online strategy and will take 1.5x more of the market share. Definitely some numbers to ponder! What’s more, in a crowded digital world, you need to do everything you can to stand out. And that usually means thinking outside the box.
What about non-creative sectors?
Your industry might not be all that creative, but that doesn’t mean your marketing shouldn’t be (see above for the reasons why it should). It’s also worth remembering that creative marketing isn’t all about being wacky or loud. It’s more to do with establishing and expressing a recognisable and unique brand identity. One that your customers can connect with.
The 6 ingredients to creativity
These are: Values, USPs, Audience, Brand Proposition, Channels and Ideas. Put these together and you’re on your way to creating content that sells!
When it comes to your values, think about who you are, what you want to be known for and how you’re going to back it all up.
For your USPs, it’s probably best to steer clear of customer service, experience and heritage, quality and ethics. You might have these in abundance, but you can bet your competitors are saying the same thing – think about what makes you unique.
Onto audience, and you’ll want to be thinking about your targeting. Get as niche and specific as you can so that you can deliver the most relevant and valuable content.
Put simply, your brand proposition = We are… (Values)… Because… (USPs)… So that… (Audience Needs).

The hunt for the best channels should always begin with research into where your audience are. Then you’ll need to think about your budget, your competitors and really hone in on the specific platforms that work for you.
Another recipe for you: Ideas = Values / USPs + Audience Needs + Channels
Once you’ve put all of these together, you’ll find it much easier to get creative, no matter your sector! We can always go through this in more detail at one of our tailor-made content workshops , so don’t hesitate to contact us!
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