Creative Marketing | 7/04/2014

Make more money from the new style Facebook advertising

Posted by James Dempster

Anyone that knows me in a professional sense knows that I am a huge advocate of Facebook advertising. There is a common misconception that it only works for big budgets and B2C, but with the most common age group the 25 to 34 year olds (source: Emarketer) and the level of targeting that a company can drill into it’s a real ROI driver for any budget.

Facebook have just changed the way they run these advertising projects and on the whole they’ve made it even easier to create compelling campaigns.

One of my favourite aspects of FB advertising is that the goal comes first. Many of our clients come to us asking for us to increase their Facebook, Twitter and Google + presence and my question is always the same; “What are you trying to achieve?” (I can thank an ex and very talented Sales Manager for that).

With Facebook advertising, they want to know what you want to achieve at the beginning and then build a campaign around that. The standard is additional likes, but what if you’ve just created a cool new app, wouldn’t it be better if people install that? Or if you’re all about making money from marketing (and let’s be honest, why shouldn’t you be?) then creating a campaign about sending people to your specific landing page may be more relevant.

You can now optimise ads so that they all feed into the common goal under the heading of “Campaign.” This means you can run a number of ads under this campaign, which will lead to more intelligent decisions and a better ROI.

For more reading please find the new campaign structure guide below:
Facebook’s New Campaign Structure