News | 16/12/2014

Marketing in 2015: What We’re Looking Forward To

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

As another big year in marketing draws to a close, industry predictions are now starting to surface thick and fast. While not every proclamation will create waves in the industry like some would hope, one thing is for sure: in the world of marketing, staying ahead of the game is paramount to maintaining an exciting and successful business. After a year of huge company growth and proud achievements, the team at Cobb Digital are ready to embrace the next set of predicted trends that are likely to influence our work in 2015. Here is an insight into what is at the forefront of our minds as New Year draws closer.

“After a successful 2014, in which I grew the team from just me to a set of six super specialists, I’m looking to increase growth in 2015. This year we have a number of case studies that we’re going to shout about once the new website goes live – early 2015. I’m looking forward to winning more business and continuing to provide our clients with measurable ROI; I’m happy when my clients are happy.”

– James Dempster, Managing Director



“Mobile optimisation! My pet hate is when a website or email doesn’t render correctly on a mobile device. I’m looking forward to the final shift in 2015 when all sites will become responsive. With a staggering 60% of internet sites and 51% of emails being viewed on mobile devices, every aspect of our online marketing efforts is affected by mobile. It’s pivotal to ensure that mobile users get the same experience as desktop users and ensure continuity between the two.”

– Lauren Isaacs, Account Executive



“I started using Tumblr in 2011, 3 years ago. Over the past 3 years, I have created 30817 posts with an average of 23 posts each day on my own personal online blog. Over the years, I have seen Tumblr rapidly change from a simple layout on a black and white page to a platform that includes mobile optimisation, apps for phones and a YouTube connection on the dashboard which shows trending videos over the whole world, from Brighton to South Africa. I am looking forward to seeing how Tumblr can improve even more in 2015.”

– Emily Hemmings, Office Apprentice




“The SEO industry has been waiting for the day responsive design becomes a factor in determining the success of a website in Google rankings – it looks that 2015 will be the year. Google have already been testing how to incorporate an image next to websites which are responsive over the last couple of months. The latest imagery Google trialled in the search results simply used Mobile-friendly text.Whichever decision Google takes for raising user awareness on which sites are mobile friendly and which aren’t, it’s likely that it’s going to play a significant part in deciding which sites rank higher than others. Google has long heralded that their main concern is that users are having a good experience when utilising the search engine, so ranking mobile friendly sites higher seems a logical step. Google recently released a mobile friendly tool which lets you know whether your site is considered mobile friendly, you can find out by clicking here.”

– Christian Ryan, Online Director



“News this week revealed that Instagram’s active database is some 29m more than Twitter’s. These figures came as a nice surprise, and after a recent venture into advertising as well as a huge focus on removing spammy accounts, the photo sharing app is going from strength to strength. Being a personal fan of Instagram, I’m excited to see the development of its social media dominance in 2015. Pinterest will also be an interesting one to watch, and my prediction for next year is that the image-based platform will become a vital channel as appose to a luxury bonus feature.”

– Petrushka Lee, Account Executive



“2015 will be a great year for content marketers. As a content executive, a huge increase in original, quality content will be on my radar. This steady stream will offer insightful and enjoyable reading material throughout the year, alongside some tangible business numbers as a direct result of content creation. I’m excited to read dynamic content from some forward-thinking brands, such as Red Bull and Virgin, and how clever content will be used as a political tool during the general election.”

– Laura Comben, Content Executive



Through our comprehensive monthly client reports, the team at Cobb Digital can gauge how to grow your business year-on-year with a tailored approach that incorporates the latest trends. Call us on 01273 208913 to find out how we can meet your high targets in 2015.