News | 20/07/2014

Marketing is Expected to Undergo a Digital Transformation

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

By opening with such a bold statement we have unleashed a plethora of investigation. Accenture’s CMO Insights of 2014 have provided us with some great results allowing us to put together this creative infographic for you.

Marketing is Expected to Undergo a Digital Transformation

These results are based on the responses of key marketing decision makers around the world. Social implementation and content strategy have become more sophisticated, propelling digital to the forefront of any marketer’s approach.

With a multitude of marketing agencies offering competitive rates to suit any budget, how do you know which one is for you? Online marketing’s ever expanding parameters are pushing agencies to advance their offerings. But which are the ones that can keep up? Traditional mediums are becoming increasingly in-effective, so in order to stay ahead of the curve an open mind and the ability to accommodate these transitions are crucial.

“Digital is changing the world and chief marketing officers (CMOs) know it. They are embracing digital channels with fervor, but it’s time to do more. The prize is not mastery of the channels but command of the opportunities to delight customers and drive superior business outcomes. Then the reward for customers and marketers alike becomes relevant and seamless experiences from brand promise through brand delivery.” – Accenture