News | 2/01/2014

New Year, New You? Now is the time to start a business blog!

Posted by James Dempster

Whilst new starts are fresh in your mind, now is the time to create a blog that will open the door to potential customers. Not convinced that this will generate business? According to Hubspot 66% of blogs that post weekly have gained a customer through content. Considering that this is a resource that costs nothing to implement, now is the time to start!
Stuck for ideas?

Here are a few tips, just in case you’re struggling for inspiration:
Blog content regularly! Keep it current, relevant and interesting to your potential reader. As simple as this sounds, it is of crucial importance that you are seen to be posting regularly.

“Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your website”. – SEOMoz.

In recent blogs we have mentioned that short tail items (Liverpool merchandise) are becoming increasingly difficult to fight for, so make sure you are optimising your blogs for long tail items; “Liverpool FC signed 2013 shirt” will deliver more volume and more conversions.

Search marketing now has nothing to do with keyword density, but has everything to do with quality content. Have a colleague read your blogs. If they feel keyword terms have been overdone, they’ve been overdone.

Stuck for what to write about? What have your last 5 customer queries been? This will be a great starting point!

  • Use the long tail keyword in your title. H1 tags are still as important as they have ever been, so make sure your utilise these.
  • Tag your post and use meta data to highlight your keywords (most CMS’s will have this option inbuilt)
  • My favourite: Incorporate Call To Actions in your blog. Let’s face it, we’re a lazy species. Make it as easy for them to click through to a purchase or send an enquiry as possible.
  • Lastly for today; promote your blog! Use twitter, LinkedIn etc to promote your blog to potential visitors.

This is a really brief snapshot of how to blog effectively, if you’d like to know more please email