News | 20/09/2016

Now is the Summer of our Best Content

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

2016 is proving to be a bumper year for the content marketing sector. As of February, marketing pros highlighted content marketing as the single most important strategy for commercial success. What’s more, 45% of business owners recognise blogging as their number one content strategy and 69% plan on increasing their blogging output.

According to recent figures, businesses that blog regularly are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI impact. But why is this? Content marketing is crucial in customer retention and loyalty. It’s easy to see why. A well-informed, engaging and entertaining blog is bound to retain customer interest, as well as creating a brand the client can trust for information and expertise in whatever field.

With the importance of blogging at the forefront of your mind, here are 4 of the best blogs around to gain content inspiration this summer.


First up is GoPro’s content strategy. This is so effective, in large part, due to GoPro’s stunning combination of video and traditional written blog entries. Not only does this create a successful connection between GoPro’s other social channels such as Vimeo and YouTube, it also portrays them as leaders in their field. This firstly shows that GoPro cameras can create beautiful imagery that other cameras cannot capture; a USP of GoPro in its own right. When combined with written blog entries, GoPro becomes THE brand for creating high quality cameras and videos, as well as generally expert in extreme sports, events and travel.


HSBC’s Knowledge Centre does what it says on the tin. The title of the blog alone sets HSBC up as an authority in business matters; HSBC already have something of use to the reader, before any blog posts are even opened. The blog entries themselves only further HSBC’s status as an expert in their field, and the offer of their knowledge makes them a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent’s content strategy has been incredibly successful in creating a consistent and accessible personality for the brand that communicates their key ideas and values clearly. It is easy to see that Innocent know their stuff when it comes to their own, and related fields. Their innovative yet concise blog entries, tone of voice and consistency across their blog and social media channels combine to make Innocent a brand with integrity and something useful to say.

Virgin Holidays

Virgin Holidays’ blog page is successful primarily in its ability to communicate to its wide and diverse target audience. Titles of blog entries are clear so there is no confusion to each reader about what is relevant to them. Like all of these examples, Virgin Holidays successfully presents itself as an authority in its field with travel tips and recommendations. These blog entries are also extremely successful in retaining traffic within the site; each paragraph ends with a related link to holidays or other recommendations. Breaking pieces down in this way also makes the writing incredibly concise and digestible.

What makes all of these blogs so successful is that they follow the rules set out in our expert article The 5 Cs of Content Marketing. If your content needs an extra boost why not talk to us at Cobb Digital today? Call us on 01273 208913 to see what we can do for you.