Paid media | 15/07/2019

Paid media ad copy that converts

Posted by Chloe Seabrook

You’ve nailed your strategy, defined your segments and planned your campaigns. You’re nearly there.

There’s just one step to go, but it’s a big one. And it’s one that can make or break your campaign: your ad copy.

Ads are annoying, right?

People don’t tend to use social media to view advertising. They’re there to catch up with friends, connect with family or share opinions. Ads can, let’s face it, be quite annoying.

That’s why your copy needs to resonate.

As marketers in the healthcare space, your ad copy gives you the opportunity to communicate values that your customers hold dear, such as discretion, compassion and professionalism.

The four steps

Spot-on ad copy is crucial, but it’s also do-able. Here are four steps to creating winning ads:

The image

An attention-grabbing image that resonates with your audience will stop them scrolling and gives your copy its chance to shine.

The headline

The most important step. If we’re talking AIDA, then this is the I. It makes your prospects want to know more. Without it, they’d enjoy the nice image and move on.

Your headline should always communicate the value proposition for the segment you’re targeting. When you’re working out your value proposition, consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and where your target customer sits.

Customers in healthcare sectors are often driven by safety and security (avoiding poor health or illness), love and belonging (the desire to spend quality time with loved ones) or esteem (personal health achievements).

For example:

  • Live a long and active life, pain free (safety and security)
  • Savour playing with the grandchildren, pain free (love and belonging)
  • You can run a pain-free marathon (esteem)

The body copy

The body copy should affirm in your reader’s mind that you can deliver on your value proposition, by providing key features of your product or service that demonstrate your experience, authority and professionalism.

For example:

“With state-of-the-art facilities, a professionally trained team and complete discretion, we’ve been providing physiotherapy and pain management support for 50 years.”


And finally, you’ve done all the hard work – now you need to tell your reader what you want them to do!

Sometimes writing copy can seem like guesswork but applying this simple formula will ensure your ads perform as strongly as possible.