News | 10/04/2014


Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Pinterest is now a primary player when it comes to Social Media Marketing tactics. With over 70million users worldwide we’re not talking little league anymore. Recent studies show that it now commands at least 41% of e-commerce traffic from social networking sites with the average Pinner’s household income at 100k per annum.

This immediately sets it apart and makes it the most profitable site for social media marketing in terms of ROI. Pinsta-mazing. But this could all be changing very soon as according to the Wall Street Journal, which says that promoted pins may soon be charging for CPC.

No matter what your company does, this is a medium that can be made to work for everyone. Here is Cobb Digital’s breakdown of the Top Five tips to make Pinsta-Mania work for your company.

1. What are your goals?

What do you want to gain? Create a brainstorm and figure out what exactly will make your Pinners tick. Create a business account, optimise the timing of your posts and generate a schedule to define your KPIs (re-evaluate this accordingly). Currently pinning prime time is 9pm. Depending on which angle you want to go for, tailor your pins to fit your target demographic and keep referring back to this as your Pinner following grows.

2. Assemble your Vision

Now here comes the fun bit. Start creating your boards. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual medium, so use inspiring, shareable imagery that will create a buzz. Update regularly to keep the engagement stimulated and watch your boards flourish with all that visionary material.

3. PIN IT!

Businesses who use the Pin It button often see big lifts in referral traffic. Just three months after added the Pin It button, people added more than 50,000 recipes to their website. This led to 139 million Pinterest impressions. Need we say more? Add the button to your other Social Media networks too and amplify the pinner outreach.

4. Be Authentic

Use your new found creative freedom to express your individual company ethos. People enjoy unique voices and want to see what you have to say. So say it with a Pin. Don’t just re-pin, upload your own imagery and use hashtags appropriately. #Pinspire

5. Communication is crucial

The underlying aim of Pinterest is to connect people via shared interests. What is it that you can share with your followers? Use your web analytics to see what is working and what isn’t. Reach out to your audience in an effective, interesting and authoritative way.

What are you waiting for? #HappyPinning Everyone!