News | 26/06/2018

Post GDPR: Growing your email list

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

Now the new General Data Protection Regulation has finally come into place, us marketers can breathe and drink a well deserved gin and tonic (or four). Although the GDPR apocalypse has been and gone, unfortunately our work isn’t over just yet.

With over 2.6 billion people using email as a channel, email marketing is not to be swept under the carpet so don’t let a decrease in subscribers after your re-permission campaigns put you off. We’ve put together some tips to help build your email list post-GDPR and how you can maximise your efforts by keeping them engaged.

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Newsletter sign-ups

Although it might seem blindingly obvious to have a newsletter sign-up on your website; ensure that you’re utilising your sign-up form to its best ability to catch as many new subscribers as possible. Your newsletter sign-up is your time to shine, so showing new subscribers the value to signing up is vital – let them know why their life would be that extra bit better with your email alerts.

Placement of the newsletter sign-up plays an important role in the sign-up process. There are a few key spots that we can choose to place the sign-up form to ensure peak performance. Within your header is a great starting point as it stands out and is visible to visitors immediately, without having to scroll down the page. Your website footer is also a great option to embed your form as, if a visitor hits the bottom of your site, you can be sure that they’re interested in what you have to offer. Newsletter sign-ups are commonly found in the footer, which makes this a go-to destination as it’s also where visitors will expect to find one if they’re looking.

Make sure your sign-up form collects the opt-in time, opt-in date and consent wording for each subscriber in order to be GDPR compliant (sorry, this is the last time i’ll mention the ‘G’ word in this blog, promise!).

Create content worth subscribing to

Everyone loves to feel special, no matter what they’re buying. If you’re regularly blasting your email database with the same generic content, you will soon see your database diminish before your eyes. The art of email marketing is to appear as personal and relevant to each subscriber as possible. Not only in the hope that they will stay forever, but it also increases engagement and the chances of your email being shared.

Social media campaigns

Social media is a great way to promote your newsletter sign-up. Ensure that you’re promoting your sign-up weekly across social channels to grow your list organically, as your audience will not see a one-off post promoting your newsletter. You need to be consistent with your promotions and use multiple platforms in order to attract and engage your entire audience. Show social followers the benefits and content that goes into your emails; that way, they won’t be able to resist signing up, right?

Top tip – You can also promote your newsletter sign-up in using the call to action button on your business Facebook page.


Welcoming your subscribers

We all know that first impressions count, and it can take a lot of time, money and effort to correct a negative first impression. Making an effort to welcome each new subscriber as they join your list is a great start, and goes a long way towards building a new relationship with your customers. A welcome email sets the tone, instantly showing the subscriber what kind of communication they can expect for the foreseeable future. In a recent survey, 74% of people said they expected a welcome email after signing up to a newsletter so, when someone signs up to your email list, make sure you roll out the red carpet.

Collecting subscribers at events

Although it may be slightly old-fashioned, collecting subscribers at events will really help  increase subscribers on your list. Tell people about your email alerts and why they should join your mailing list by explaining the benefits. Before you can add them to your marketing list, ensure you have recorded their full consent by recording time, date and what it was they have opted to receive.

Opt-in box on contact forms and competitions

Including a newsletter tick-box on your existing data capture forms is an easy and effective way to collect new subscribers. Users that are using forms on your website are already engaged with your brand, so collecting new subscribers at this point will increase your marketing list with minimal effort. Simply add a specific, clear tick-box to your form along with the opt-in wording and a short privacy notice.

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