News | 29/11/2013

PR vs SEO – Which is more important?

Posted by James Dempster

A few blogs ago, I explored the recent changes to Google and the impact that they will have on SEO agencies across the globe. There are many changes that leave room for debate but one thing that all SEO companies agree on is that there has never been a greater need for engaging, creative content that has a reason to be shared. This has got a lot of us thinking; haven’t PR agencies already been doing this for years?

So how can SEO and PR work together to ensure you have the same exposure online that you’re currently receiving offline? A recent article has argued that SEO and PR are so interlinked now that they are almost the same thing. If that’s the case, why do you need separate services? These are interesting questions and one that will be debated for many months to come, but the truth is that whilst they are both lead by content, the ways in which they are delivered need to be understood fully. Yes, a well-written press release will have a positive impact upon Google ratings, but will a traditional PR company be able to conduct site audits? Will an article in your local magazine be completely transferrable to your site without extensive keyword research? I’d argue not.

Ultimately you’re using an agency to get results. The objectives set for a PR agency will be very different to the objectives given to an SEO consultant. PR (usually) is to generate awareness, manage reputation and to improve the perception of a brand/ business. SEO is all about driving direct visits to your website. That’s why I love it. At the end of the month, the graphs don’t lie; the higher up Google you rank, the more visits you’ll have.

Make sure you use an agency that has both in house. Together PR and SEO are two of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.