News | 18/02/2014

Spring clean your PPC Campaigns

Posted by Lawrence Greenlee

The torrential rain has mellowed and the sun has started to make an appearance, it’s got the team at Cobb Digital excited about the end of hibernation and start of spring.

Spring was recently voted the favourite season of the year for us Brits. I’m in agreement, it’s my favourite season because it signals a fresh start and offers the chance to breathe new life into every day goings on.

This revitalised way of thinking can be equally applied to our marketing efforts and strategy. As such here are:

 5 tips for Spring cleaning your PPC Campaigns.

1. Get rid of the clutter

All PPC accounts can become a little keyword heavy at times, leaving it ticking along can be the easy option, especially if you know it’s driving some activity to your website. However don’t be satisfied with some. Quantify exactly what you’re getting from your PPC activity and then look at which keywords are driving the real success. It’s likely that only 20% of the keywords in your account are really working for you. Don’t be afraid to pause the keywords that are inefficient and put that budget to those that are working for you. It could really increase that all important ROI.

2. Showcase yourself

Ad extensions have been an Adwords tool for some time now, however I’m always surprised to see how many companies still haven’t utilised this feature. Ad extension allows advertisers to add site links, social links, and phone numbers (to name just a few) to your ad copy to really help your ad stand out from the crowd. When used correctly these can really help drive more clicks to your websites as it gives you more chance to appeal to potential prospects.

3. Get a new perspective

Being able to get more information on any situation enables us to make a better and more informed decision. This is also possible with PPC when synched to Google analytics. In only a few clicks you can sync your Adwords account with your Google Analytics account and really deep dive into how people are clicking on your ads are interacting with your site once on there. This can really help cast light on how your keywords are performing from an ROI perspective.

4. Be more social

Within the biddable world there are now a plethora of platforms and softwares to use. What stands Paid platforms such as Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads out from the crowd is the ability to pin point target audiences. The demographic profiling really allows advertisers to have ads display for people they know are genuinely interested in your offering.

5. Better timing – remarketing

Remarketing has a bit of a bad press by those advertisers who do it badly. It’s really annoying getting followed around on websites by ads for products you have no intention of purchasing. However when done well this can be really effective. Restrict the amount of times an ad is displayed to any one user, or only show ads on sites where you think they’d like to see it. With Google Tag Manager you can really create bespoke campaigns to ensure the ad is of genuine use to a prospect.