News | 13/07/2015

The Digital Game Of Thrones

Posted by Christian Ryan

It’s been a month since the last Game Of Thrones episode aired, and probably around 9 months until we find out whether or not everyone’s favourite bar steward is really going to quit the The Great Wall for good.

It’s going to be a long, cold and dark period ahead for all. With this in mind I thought I’d create an incredibly tenuous, and somewhat useless parallel between my favourite programme, and another passion… Digital Marketing.

So here goes, are you ready for The Digital Game Of Thrones? There are four key families within the seven kingdoms, but which online channel are they most like and why?

Starks – SEO

The Starks … surely SEO. Whilst the Starks are constantly in a state of flux due to, well quite a long list; beheadings, butcherings, domestic abuse, kidnapping, mistaken identity, and many, many more, the SEO industry is constantly changing due to the algorithmic shifts put in place by Google.

“The North remembers” is one of the most popular sayings throughout the franchise; this alludes to the “Northerners” always staying loyal to their ancestors and the Starks. Modern link building practices are also focussed on the long lasting relationships between 2 parties and are a testament to the qualities those websites posses.

Last but not least surely Ned Stark, the noblest of all in Westeros would approve of Google’s quest to banish all pretenders to the top of Google’s rankings by beheading those who practice spammy links, thin and duplicate content.

Targareyan – Email Marketing

The myth and legend which surrounds House Targaryen, means they can only truly be email marketing.

Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing, having kicked off in the late 90’s. Still massively powerful when employed correctly, the mythical tales of 98.8% ROI (Econsultancy) are what every marketer still dreams of telling their manager/client.

Whilst being the leading channel for some time, there was a slight dip in its popularity when some of the new channels came on the scene and the common phrase “email is dead” raised its head. However, after a time in the wilderness, and having collected more disciples along the way the digital world is once again seeing its formidable power.

Lannisters – PPC

The strategic and caniving Lannister family could only possibly be matched by the wealth of options that PPC gives marketers. Whether it’s device targeting, match type strategies, remarketing, incest, or geo targeting, the options PPC managers have when trying to put their product or offering in front of potential customers is vast, and if there was one family that liked freedom of choice it was the Lannisters.

Tywin, Tyrion, Jamie, and Caersai Lannister have all displayed incredible levels of tactical nous at different times throughout GOT, from managing to get a 100% pure Lanisterian on the Iron throne to Tyrion performing heroically as the Hand of the King.

It’s safe to say that the Lannisters would use every tool at a biddable managers disposal, as “a Lannister always pays his debts”.

Baratheon – Social Media

So that leaves us with House Baratheon, which funnily enough is very similar to social media… stay with me on this one. The proliferation of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn means it’s difficult to always know which one is the best fit. Whether it’s the B2B vs B2C argument, or an acquisitional vs. branding one it seems that social media is always a tug of war as to who deserves to sit top of the tree.

Where have we heard this before? Yes that’s right, since a stag bulldozed good old Robert Baratheon there’s been a constant battle over who is the rightful air to the Iron Throne.

Whilst a conversation about which social channel is right might not quite be on the scale of the invasion of Kings landing or the murder of your brother, it does often leave you feeling like you’ve been walking through the snow to get your point across.

So that’s it as far as this blog is concerned for the big 4 families. But what about the other families? Any other (admittedly stretched) parallels between digital and the Game Of Throne dynastys?

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